DaoDe Search is a legal recruitment company that invests time in recruiting the right candidates at correct positions in organizations. We adhere to a systematic process from getting a brief understanding of your needs to successfully hiring a suitable candidate.


Understand Client Needs

We get a good understanding from our clients about the recruitment needs. This we do by listening attentively about the prospective candidate’s skills required for the position, preferred candidate profiles, and a personality match for client’s company culture.

Target the Right Candidate

We put up an extensive market research to find the right candidate for our clients. At this recruitment stage, candidates are interviewed and suitability is assessed through understanding of their background, experience, skillset, and their motivation for taking up a new role.

Manage Process and Offer

After the submission of the candidate profiles, we manage the interview process, the expectations of the candidates, and constantly re-assess his or her motivation and interest level for the job opportunity provided. We work towards easing out the negotiation process between client and candidate to ensure a smooth hiring experience.

Facilitate Post-Hire Phase

We stay in touch with client and candidate in the post-hire phase and take feedback of their mutual professional working experience. We address concerns and mediate proactively towards creating a synergistic relationship between both parties. This way we act as a bridge and relationship manager to assure both candidate and client have excellent work experience.